Belfort: The Expansion Expansion – first mini review

A user by the name of Mark O’Reilly on has written up the first comments I’ve seen for Belfort: The Expansion Expansion – and they’re glowing with praise! Yay! Here’s what he had to say:

Not only adds loads of goodiness to an already great game, it elevates the game to top shelf stuff.
Tons of variety now, extra guilds, the personnel are simply awesome – and compensate player order ( last pick first) , expansions to the base game buildings of Belfort city are simply genius!, adds a plethora of things to do.
Your cup will runneth over :-).

Ask yourself these two questions:

1) You own Belfort?
2) You enjoy Belfort?
If you answer Yes to above…
You simply have to buy this little box of tricks…
Best expansion I have ever purchased to date, adds to game in such a good way.
Thank you designers, artist and TMG.


Thanks so much for the kind words Mark! Really cool to read that you liked it.


-Jay Cormier

2 thoughts on “Belfort: The Expansion Expansion – first mini review

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