AkroPublished by Z-Man Games and Filosofia

Akrotiri on Boardgamegeek

Akrotiri on Z-Man website

Video Reviews

Rahdo Runs Through video review

Rahdo Runs Through Final Toughts

Jon Gets Games Play Through

Bearded Meeple review

Dice Tower with Ryan Metzler

Professor Meeple

TIETS Review

Sweethearts or Rivals: Complete play-through


Punching Cardboard (18 minutes in)

Dukes of Dice Podcast (14 minutes in)

Written Reviews

The Daily Worker Placement: First Look: “there’s nothing out there quite like it”

As a Board Gamer review: “this game really shines”

Opinionated Gamer – Dale Yu: “Akrotiri is an enjoyable and challenging 2P game”

Opinionated Gamer – Lorna Dune: “I find Akrotiri to be a nice relatively meaty two player game”


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