Our Goal

The goal of this blog is to take people through all the steps that we took in getting our board games published. We try to be as transparent as possible. We also use it to update everyone on what’s happening with our current or upcoming games. We recommend you start by clicking on “The Steps” and start at Step 1 – and go from there.

Let us know your thoughts and let us know your challenges and successes in getting your game published!

Who are we?

Jay Cormier is the British Columbian half of the board game design team.  He’s been designing games seriously since 2005 and not seriously since 1985.   In his ‘spare’ time Jay is also a:

You can contact Jay Cormier by calling him: 604-657-8858 or emailing (remove the spaces): jay @ bamboozlebrothers.com


Sen-Foong Lim is the Ontario half of the Bamboozle Brothers (the shorter, more Asian than Jay half) who keeps very busy, when not designing board games, by being the proud father of two loveable scamps.


When not thinking about games or his family, Sen is an accomplished:

You can reach Sen at (remove the spaces) sen @ bamboozlebrothers.com and by phone at 1 (226) 663-2181.


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Jay,

    Met you a few years ago at best buy, i worked at the cambie location as a supervisor. Anyhows, stumbled upon the fact that your into board games and a designer. Decided to look you up and came upon this webisite. Look forward to playing some of your games and hearing about all the other things you have in the works.


      • I’m a pretty big gamer in general. Board games, card games, video games, you name it. I’ll see if i can make it down to Connection Tuesday sometime. I usually work Tuesday nights.


      • Yee – the game night has moved to Monday nights at Connection Game store on Renfrew and Grandview. Come on down sometime – we are all adult gamers and we range anywhere from 4-9 people…slowly growing!


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  3. Fab post gents. Thank you for posting this. This will definitely help me, and others, on their way to board game greatness. I’ve shared it on my board game Facebook page. I hope I can inspire people as much as you have by sharing this great wealth of knowledge.

    Best of luck with your game endeavours.


  4. Haven’t got any games of your yet. Thinking of promoting some of them at next CalCon – Calmar gaming convention in Sweden in February if I getting a gap in the promotion schelude 🙂

    Great site with lots of interesting reading.


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