Zombie Slam


Zombie Slam is an app-assisted card game!

You must survive four days by scavenging a new location, exploring the rooms, and collecting supply cards to fill your backpack. Listen carefully and use your hand to slam a stack where the top supply card matches the request. If you fail to fill a backpack or overcome the hazards you’ve encountered by the end of the day, you become a zombie. That doesn’t mean your game is over as the undead can rise again and win by infecting the most stragglers! Zombie Slam is played over four rounds with all players acting simultaneously, and each round consists of ten turns.

There is also an optional smart device app to guide the play, which also turns Zombie Slam into a movie-like experience!

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Zombie Slam Written Reviews

K. Smythe (Amazon customer) I got this zombie-themed game for a bit of fun with my family. This is the first time I have seen an “app-assisted” board game so I was very interested in how it would work. Since I didn’t have to give the kids the usual instruction to put away their cells for family time, they became interested as well. We have enjoyed several plays of this game filled with laughter and the screaming of “Brains” echoing in our home. My kids loved the app and said it reminded them of zombie movies. The game play is easy to learn. I like that I can also play the game without the app but I don’t think I would have a reason to. I recommend you try it out and face your own day of “reckoning”!