Train of Thought

Train of Thought box art
Simple Rules Explanation:
Overview: Conductor has to get from a Starting word to a secret Destination word using 3-word phrases.Gameplay:

  1. The first 3-word phrase said by the Conductor must contain the Starting word that all players know
  2. Players each get only one guess as to what the Destination word might be based on that 3-word phrase
  3. If another player guesses correctly – yay! Continue using Destination word as your new Starting word and get a new Destination word.  (Note: Both the Conductor and the player who guessed the Destination word correctly score a point when this happens)
  4. If the Destination word has not been guessed yet, then the Conductor can give a new 3-word phrase but it must include a word that was just used as a guess.  The Conductor does not have to wait until everyone guesses to state a new clue
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 until the 2 minute timer has elapsed
 Reviews for Train of Thought:
“I enjoy this game very much and get it on the table whenever I can.” – Cyrus Kirby of Father Geek Reviews
“Never have I laughed so much playing a game..” – Ian Collier, BGG User
“Stop reading right now and go get this game.” – Gerald Gan, BGG User

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