Belfort in Top 300. Tonight…we dine…in Hell!

That’s right, Belfort is now in the top 300 games (292 as of this writing!) of all time according to boardgamegeek’s users!

To put it in perspective there are 57,277 games in the boardgamegeek database. That puts Belfort in the top 0.5% of all the games in their database!

To the uninitiated, this isn’t a chart of sales performance (I wish!), but possibly more important for new designers, it’s a chart that averages all the users who rated the game.

But it’s not even that simple. You see, a new game could come out and immediately get a few votes of 10 out of 10 from some friends and family members of the designer and publisher. This would mean it would immediately jump to the top of the list – which would make it a pretty irrelevant list.

Instead, boardgamegeek has two things that help keep this list an accurate representation of the best games of all time. First of all, a game will not enter the list until it has at least 30 ratings from users (that’s my understanding – please correct me if the number is different). Then as soon as it is rated, it effectively adds 100 votes at 5.5 to that game. What this does is it pulls it’s BGG rating way down. So most new games enter the list somewhere between 2000-4000 as a new entry.

Then as more and more real ratings come in from users, it starts to crawl up the list. For Belfort, on Oct 25th, 2011 (when Belfort became available to most people in stores), Belfort  had 101 ratings with a TRUE average of those 101 ratings of 7.62 (it already had 101 ratings because the game had been available to a select few that attended a convention). Its BGG rating was much lower at 5.994. This meant Belfort was rated at 1577 on the list of all games.

Fast forward to now and Belfort has 740 ratings and its TRUE average of those ratings is 7.57 while its BGG rating is up to 6.866 and it’s sitting at 292!

All this to say, we’re ecstatic of the reaction people are having to Belfort! We’re working hard with a lot of playtesters all over the world on the expansion that is due out later this year. In addition to that, we’ve just sent to the printers a mini-promo of 3 new guilds! So lots more loving for Belfort fans coming soon. Thanks for playing!

-Jay Cormier


2 thoughts on “Belfort in Top 300. Tonight…we dine…in Hell!

  1. I think you need to spend some more time with the Bankers Guild if you think 292/57277 puts Belfort in the top 0.005%!

    Nice work guys anyways! Looks like an incredible game.


  2. Ha – good point Fred! I did the math and it works out to 0.005…but then I added the % at the end…d’oh! So it’s actually in the top 0.5% of all games! I’ll fix it in the post. Thanks for reading – and the correction!!


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