More Reviews and an Update on Belfort Availability

A few new reviews have popped up about Belfort and Train of Thought. It’s very exciting to read about people continuing to discover Train of Thought and I think Josh got exactly what we were going for with the game. The Belfort reviews are also exciting as this is our first big Euro game. I’m overjoyed that those that got copies at GenCon are enjoying it so far!

Oh – as an update on when non-GenCon attendees can get their hands on Belfort, we’ve been told that it was finally put on a boat this past Wednesday and should hit America around September 26th. That means it will still take a couple of weeks for it to make it through the system and get to retailers so expect it some time in October. Too bad about the delay, but we’re in the home stretch now!

Train of Thought review by

Belfort review by Cranky Old Man on



Belfort video review by Drakkenstrike on

Belfort review by Adam O’Brien on

Thanks for all the kind words everyone!

-Jay Cormier


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