Train of Thought is the #4 best game this year!

OK, maybe a bit misleading – but it is true…if your name is Joseph Peterson at least. Joseph created a top 100 list of the games he’s played this year and Train of Thought is his #4 favourite game! It’s great to see that this game is still entertaining some folks out there! Thanks for playing Joseph! Everyone else can still pick this game up from Amazon (for just $10!) or their friendly local board game store!

Here’s what Joseph had to say:

Train of Thought is a party word game in which players take turns trying to get opponents to guess a particular word. They’re limited however to being able to give only a 3 word clue – and one of those words must be from a prior answer. For each clue given, each player may make 1 guess. If none are correct, the clue-giver creates another clue, using one of the guesses and up to 2 other words.

When the word is correctly guessed, the guessing player and the clue giver each get one point, and the clue giver draws a new card and continues making clues, trying to get as many as they can in 2 minutes!

This one is a laugh riot! There are so many stories I could tell about this one, but my favorite has to be during these clues: “Horse but smaller” “PONY!” “Pony but smaller” “CHILD?” “No not child”. We had to stop the timer because we lost it. This is hands-down my favorite party game that I’ve ever played and one that I can only imagine will see more and more playtime as the years go by.

-Jay Cormier


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