Belfort is in the top 500 Games of all time!

Yep, today we cracked the top 500, with Belfort now sitting at 492 and it’s still climbing.

For those that aren’t sure what I’m talking about – the number one site for board games is called and anyone can register and rate games. Every game is given 100 ratings at 5.5 to even out the games a bit. This helps ensure that a brand new game with 5 ratings of 10 out of 10 isn’t rated as the number 1 game of all time. Now that all games can be rated by everyone, they can now list all the games in order of their ranking.

Belfort was 1537 about a month and a bit ago – Oct 24th, to be exact – right after Essen. On October 24th it had an actual rating of 7.62. On one hand that doesn’t seem too amazing, but consider the fact that the number 1 game of all time (Twilight Imperium) has a rating of 8.31, and you can see that Belfort’s rating is pretty impressive!

Here’s a cool graph that shows the climb in ratings of many popular Essen games, with Belfort being the line in green (third from the top by the end of the graph).

So thanks to everyone who’s played and rated the game so far! It’s definitely amazing to be in the top 500 games of all time. We’ve set the bar pretty high for ourselves for any future game we make!!

-Jay Cormier