Akrotiri Makes Rahdo’s Top 10 2-Player Games!

Rahdo has done a play through of Akrotiri before and has mentioned that him and his wife really loved it – and now we can see how much they love it! He ranks it as his second favourite 2-player game of all time! That’s high praise! Thanks Rahdo! Check out his entire video here – or fast forward to 21:00 to see what he has to say about Akrotiri!


Junk Art Makes Top 10 Games at Origins!

Junk Art is majunk art-imageking a showing at Origins before its official debut at GenCon later this year. For one blogger – who totally doesn’t even like dexterity games – it made his top 10 list of games he’s played at Origins so far! Wow – that’s great praise considering how many games are on display at Origins! If you’re at Origins – please take a photo of you playing Junk Art and send it our way! I’d love to see your art!! Email to jay (at) bamboozlebrothers.com.

You can check out the blog post from Late to the Table here!

-Jay Cormier

Top 10 in the Hotness on the ‘Geek

It’s nice to get recognized.

Even if we are below My Little Pony Hide & Seek

Belfort breaks into the top 10 on the Hotness, no doubt thanks to the gargantuan review by Ender Wiggins and jtemple as well as the game’s success at BGG.con last weekend.  We’re in fine company with Martin Wallace’s latest game, A Few Acres of Snow, Uwe Rosenberg’s long awaited Ora et Labora, and last year’s breakout hit, 7 Wonders by Antoine Bauza.  So we’re ecstatic, to say the least, to be amongst standouts like these.

Thanks, everyone, for you support and we hope you continue to love playing Belfort as much as we loved designing it!

~ Sen-Foong Lim