Dice Tower loves Junk Art!

The first video review of our upcoming game, Junk Art, by Pretzel Games, has landed online – and is by none other than Tom Vasel from the Dice Tower. Tom got to play the game for the first time while he was at The Gathering a couple weeks ago, but then was able to snag his own copy. The bottom line? Tom loves it and gives it his Seal of Approval!

I really enjoyed hearing him say, “The designers of the game, Jay Cormier and Sen-Foong Lim have done some excellent games, so I was willing to give it a chance.” Cool that we’ve made enough good games that reviewers are now knowing who we are! 🙂

Other standout comments from Tom:

“Guys, this game really has blown me away!”

“I was really surprised that they took this concept…and make it into an excellent, fun game.”

“The fact that every game has a different feel, is really neat.”

“If you do like skill based dexterity games this is honestly one of the best to come out in years.”

“Highly recommend it. HIGHLY recommend it!”

Wow – awesome stuff! Thanks Tom for the wonderful words!

-Jay Cormeir


Another Great Review of Orphan Black: The Card Game

Joel Eddy from Drive Thru Reviews has posted a video review of our new game, Orphan Black: The Card Game – and he loved it! This game has had a very slow launch, but with Tom Vasel giving it the Dice Tower Approved stamp and now Drive Thru giving it a positive review – here’s hoping the game gets onto more gamers’ tables!

A few of the things that stood out for me in the review:

“We have had a ball with this game!”

“It’s got an interesting way of approaching social deduction. It feels like a Werewolf or Resistance style of game but with a little bit more to it.”

“If you like the show, I think you’ll really get a kick out of this. I would get this if you’re a big fan of the show.”

“I would recommend this across the board, regardless if you’ve seen the show.”

-Jay Cormier

Orphan Black: The Card Game is Dice Tower Approved!

orphanblackcoverWell this is certainly some good news! Tom Vasel from the Dice Tower has just posted his overview of the rules as well as his thoughts on our new game, Orphan Black: The Card Game…and (spoiler)…he liked it!!! It’s Dice Tower approved!

Some things I liked specifically were:

“The game offers a unique experience that you won’t find in any other game.”

“I’m sure if you enjoy Orphan Black you’re going to enjoy it, but even if you don’t it’s an entertaining game.”

Thanks Tom for the kind words!

-Jay Cormier

Tom Vasel continues to praise But Wait There’s More!

butwaitboxTom already reviewed But Wait There’s More in a video, but he continues to talk about it in his podcast. Listen to the Dice Tower Podcast and at around the 11 minute mark you can hear Tom explain the game and why he thinks it’s a blast. He claims that it’s one of his top party games for 2014 and that it’s better than Snake Oil and The Big Idea! That’s some mighty praise – thanks Tom!

You should be able to pick up a copy for yourself from your local game store. If not – tell them to order some in!!

-Jay Cormier

Tom Vasel reviews But Wait There’s More!

This is awesome – Tom Vasel reviews our new party game – and loves it! Spoiler alert – he gives it his Seal of Excellence rating, which means the game will stay in his collection! It’s his highest rating he gives. Huzzah!!!!

Also, Botch Games has recorded another session of them playing the game and you can hear their hilarious pitches here! Thanks everyone!!!

-Jay Cormier

Another Video Review of Belfort

In case you’re still on the fence about whether or not to get Belfort, here’s another video review that is full of praise for the game! This one comes from Ryan Metzler from Dice Tower (who already did one positive review of Belfort by Tom Vasel)

What I liked the most was that he was determined to not like the game after reading the rules, and then said, “Man was I wrong! This is definitely a great worker placement game.” We’re glad that people are realizing that the game is more than the sum of its parts. Thanks for playing and reviewing it Ryan!


-Jay Cormier

Belfort Lovin’

More and more reviews are pouring in for Belfort and it’s great to know that people are enjoying it! So much so that one reviewer even did a freestyle rap review of the game – and it’s awesome!

Also we got a review by Tom Vasel and the Dice Tower! It’s great to see that Tom enjoyed Belfort and say that he’s going to keep his copy (he gets so many games to review that he can’t keep them all!).

Dice Hate Me did a quick review in their last podcast and in their current podcast they gave it some more love, which was nice to listen to!

Dice Hate Me site

Also Belfort has a new written review as well. The Gaming Gang did a great job with the review and have since interviewed Sen and I – so look out for an interview from them soon.

The Gaming Gang site

-Jay Cormier