How to find a temple in the game Akrotiri

We’ve had a bunch of people question specific things about how to find a temple in our new game, Akrotiri from Z-Man Games. We’ve answered them all as they came up but it made us think that we should make a quick video with some actual examples! Here they are:

-Jay Cormier

Interview with the designers of Belfort!

Belfort board game box frontJeff Temple, who has teamed up with the infamous board game reviewer Ender Wiggins  (seriously – have you seen their reviews? They’re extremely thorough to say the least. Examples here.) has interviewed the also infamous duo known as Sen and Jay!

Check out the interview and also the link within the interview that takes you to a 10 minute Youtube video of Sen and I explaining and showing some prototype examples of the history of how Belfort came to be! This was a great interview for us – thanks Jeff!

Check out the interview here!