All Sold Out…

… at the publisher level as well.  While there may be copies of Belfort left at stores, there are no more to order from the distributor and no more available from Tasty Minstrel themselves.

This is what appeared on the Tasty Minstrel website today.  Do I check on that site daily?  Would it be odd if I said, “yes”?

I’m a nerd like that.


Belfort: The Second Edition!

As mentioned previously, Belfort has sold out from the publisher level (possibly a few left – read here for a discount opportunity). It’s amazing that we have sold out so fast! The good news is that we’re going back for a second printing! We’ve been informed that the art has been submitted to Panda and the printing should start right away. Still – it means there will be a couple of months of printing and shipping before it hits our shores. The good news is that not all stores are sold out of it yet – so you can still find the game in some stores!

A second printing also allows us to tweak and clarify anything that gamers have pointed out to us to be unclear so far. It’s pretty amazing to me that while Sen, Josh and I (but mostly Josh) spent hours pouring through the rules to ensure there were no mistakes, and that everything was crystal clear – there are always things that people will misinterpret.

It’s a great exercise in communication really. Every change we made was because things could be interpreted a bit different – and when you’re playing a strategy game, it’s important that everyone playing has the same interpretation of how to play. There’s nothing worse than someone being told they can’t do something in a game, when they thought they could based on their understanding of what the rules meant. Can you swap Turn Order markers with yourself? How does the Architects’ Guild really work?

So I present to you now, most of the changes in the rules and player aid for the second edition. Second Edition art is on the right or on the bottom.

The new cover will now feature the Game of the Year stamp from Dice Hate Me!

The Architects' Guild was the most misunderstood guild and so we clarified the intention we always meant in the rules and even tweaked the wording on the tile itself.

Can you swap Turn Order Crests with yourself? Yes you can, though we didn't specifically call that out in the original edition. Now we have.

In a 2 player game, players have asked how many Property Markers are placed when the Non-Players are playing on a Keep or Gatehouse.

Added a few words to the player aids to clarify the original rules.

-Jay Cormier

It’s Official!

As of now, Belfort is sold out of the entire 2,000 copy print run from the warehouse.   The publisher is exploring the possibility of foreign language licensors prior to doing a reprint so the game will not be restocked until Q1, 2012. 


Call your Friendly Local Game Store and ask them to hook you up – if they don’t know where to get it, tell them to contact Lion Rampant Imports at:

Telephone: (800) 992-7679 or (905) 572-6446
Fax: (905) 572-9559

Make sure you get a call in soon if you hope to play Belfort before the snow falls and the yetis attack!

~ Sen-Foong Lim