Super Cool Board Game Store and Restaurant

Board Game Cafes have been popping up all over the place recently – and for good reason. They’re combining a relaxing and non-intimidating atmosphere of a cafe with the growing popularity of board games. Well, I was in Seattle this past weekend and got to visit not one, but two board game restaurants/stores – both owned an operated by the same people! One is called Cafe Mox (in Bellevue) and the other is called Card Kingdom (in Seattle – in the trendy Ballard district). I decided to film a quick walk through of the store and restaurant because I was simply blown away. It’s obvious that they love games as this store has everything – a room for miniatures, a huge room for tournaments, a room for CCGs – including its own staff, a huge room for the rest of the games – and, of course, the restaurant.

We decided to eat lunch there and so we moseyed on over to the board game counter and asked to borrow Blueprints. The gentleman gave me the copy and required nothing in return. I took it to my table, we ordered beverages and lunch and played Blueprints! It was great – and by that I mean the food was great, the atmosphere was great, and yes – the game was great too! If you’re in the Seattle area, make sure you check these places out! And if you’re thinking of opening your own Board Game Cafe/Restaurant – well, here’s an example of someone who’s done it right!

-Jay Cormier