Akrotiri is getting a reprint!

AkroWell this is lovely news! We heard from Filosofia, the publisher of Akrotiri that they are completely sold out of Akrotiri – but the orders from game stores keep pouring in – so another print run has been ordered! That’s fantastic news! No news on when it should be available, but if you want the game, keep bugging your friendly local game stores!


-Jay Cormier

It’s Official!

As of now, Belfort is sold out of the entire 2,000 copy print run from the warehouse.   The publisher is exploring the possibility of foreign language licensors prior to doing a reprint so the game will not be restocked until Q1, 2012. 


Call your Friendly Local Game Store and ask them to hook you up – if they don’t know where to get it, tell them to contact Lion Rampant Imports at:

Email: info@lionrampantimports.com
Telephone: (800) 992-7679 or (905) 572-6446
Fax: (905) 572-9559

Make sure you get a call in soon if you hope to play Belfort before the snow falls and the yetis attack!

~ Sen-Foong Lim