Belfort under loved?

Screenshot 2014-06-25 23.55.06
The website Punching Cardboard has put together a nice string of 30 podcasts and their current podcast is all about games that they think are undervalued and underplayed. Each of them had to pick three games that they felt were undervalued – by whatever criteria they wanted. One of them picked Belfort as a game that they believe to be well liked by everyone – but they just don’t see it hit the table as much as they like.

While it’s nice to hear that there are people out there who really like the game – it is irksome that it’s not hitting the table as often as it should!! So if you haven’t played it in awhile – maybe it’s time to bring it out again! 🙂

Listen to the entire podcast here – or feel free to fast forward to the 36 minute mark to hear them chat about the awesomeness of Belfort for 10-15 minutes!

-Jay Cormier