Belfort mini-promo now available to all!

When the second printing of Belfort came to our shores last month, they also came with a mini-promo that consisted of three new guilds! These guilds can be mixed and matched with all your other guilds to keep replayability high on the game.

There was a bit of kerfuffle when current owners of the game couldn’t get their hands on this neat little promo – but that is now rectified! The Belfort Guild Promo Pack #1 is now available on the Boardgamegeek store for $5.00!

What’s so special about these three new guilds? Well, first we have the Contractors’ Guild, which is a new Resource Guild and provides 1 Wood, 1 Stone and 1 Metal. This variety is nice and has been a favourite throughout all the playtesting!

Next is the Rules Lawyers’ Guild – which is a great name for a guild! This guild allows you to break the rules of the game by getting points outside the normal ways. Always keep an eye on someone who continues to target this guild!

Finally we have the Sentries’ Guild. This guild puts more emphasis on building walls! Usually they are buildings that are built near the end of the game, but now you can profit from them throughout the game!

We hope you enjoy this mini-promo!

On a side note: we’ve finalized the rules to our official expansion and it will be heading to our artist (the amazing Josh Cappel) very soon!

-Jay Cormier

Belfort back in stock! Now with new Promo Guilds!

That’s right – the second printing of Belfort is now in stock, complete with a new, shiny “Dice Hate Me Game of the Year” award on the front. Not only is it in stock – but you can get quite the deal over at as they have it on for $36.99.

But wait, there’s more! If you act now (not sure when ‘now’ expires!), you will also get 3 new promo guilds with your purchase!! Wow!







Currently I’m not sure how current owners of Belfort can get these 3 new promo guilds – so stay tuned.

-Jay Cormier

The Big Belfort update!

There has been plenty of action with Belfort recently! Let’s break them down:

The Hotness

Belfort is currently, as of this writing, the 5th hottest game in the Hotness List on! This is just a fluctuating list that tracks which games have the most activity on their pages. Lots of people are interested apparently. Not only that, but on the people side of the Hotness List, both Sen and I are hot. For some strange reason, Sen is hotter than I am!

Belfort at the Printers

On June 1st, Belfort was at the Printers being printed! We’ve been told that it takes 28 days to get everything printed and fully boxed. Then it gets placed on a boat and is shipped to America, and that takes another 30 days. That means Belfort should hit America around August 1st. Some time will be needed for it to get to the distributors and then even more time to get it up to Canada for our Canadian readers out there. Still, we’re expecting to have it in our hands sometime in August!

Final Rules are available

Belfort Board Game rulesIf you can’t wait that long for a taste of Belfort then, you can check out the final rules with all the amazing art from Josh Cappel. They are posted on the new Tasty Minstrel website (which is much more functional than their last site!): If you’ve been interested in the game but wanted to know how it works, then give them a read!

Contest to win Belfort!

For our American readers, Tasty Minstrel is holding a contest in which you can win one of 15 prize packages that includes: Belfort, Jab: Real Time Boxing, Eminent Domain and Homesteaders (2nd printing). To enter the contest, check out the rules and link here:

Pre-orders for Belfort – even for Canadians!

You can now pre-order a copy of Belfort for yourself, even if you’re not in the US! They’re even offering a package deal if you want to get a few games from Tasty Minstrel Games (like, say, I don’t know…Train of Thought maybe?!). Straight from Michael Mindes, the owner of Tasty Minstreal Games comes this message:

I have been receiving numerous emails about shipping costs worldwide through  I was planning to offer no shipping outside of the United States, for various reasons.  So, let me preface these costs with the following information:

    • These rates are non-negotiable.  They are as low as I can afford to make them, and I will continue to learn about how to get better rates.
    • These rates do not include any import taxes or duties imposed by your home country.
    • I will not make any adjustments to the stated value of the games to help you avoid those import taxes or duties.  You will need to address that through the political process afforded in your home country.
    • Yes, you can combine orders of multiple games from multiple people for combined shipping costs.  Up to 25 pounds.

In this fashion, I am able to offer worldwide shipping for those that desire it.  Tasty Minstrel fans have asked for worldwide shipping and it is now available.  Those are the terms.  Here are the rates:

    • Hawaii & Alaska = $30 USD
    • Canada up to 25 pounds = $30 USD
    • Canada 26-50 pounds = $50 USD
    • Rest of the World up to 25 pounds = $50 USD

Promo video for Belfort

Sen and I have finished the script for a promo video to help promote the game and now we’re in the process of getting it animated as it will only feature real people at the end when it zooms out to show people playing the game.  Of course we’ll be sharing it here as soon as it’s done – which might even be a bit after the game launches.

Comic Book for Belfort

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve partnered up with Tim Reniert to write comic books. We’ve written a bunch of scripts already, but the first one we’ve commissioned an artist to draw is a story set in the world of Belfort. We found an amazing artist, Rob Lundy, who has gone above and beyond our expectations for this story. We’ve seen some rough layouts and are excited about how it’s coming together. We’ll be sharing more as we progress, but for now, here’s some character art for our two main characters in the story.

We’re very excited about this game. As excited as we were for our first game, Train of Thought, I would say that I am twice as excited for this one. Belfort is the kind of game I like to play – the gamery game! We’re in the home stretch now!

Belfort Promo Wagon Commences!

We’re starting the promotional campaign for Belfort! The artist for the game, Josh Cappel, has made up these small ads that take one of the components of the game and then has a interesting or funny saying attached to it. We’re expecting a new one to be posted every week until the game launches this summer!

If you want to see all the images as they come then you can do one of two things:

1) Register on and then subscribe to Belfort (an option on the right hand side of the screen).  Then, every time you log into you will be told if there has been any updates with Belfort!

2) Go to Facebook and add Belfort as a friend! We’ll be sharing the images on Facebook shortly after they launch on

If you’re interested in helping out, then you can click the green ‘thumbs-up’ icon near the image when you’re on If enough people ‘thumb’ it then the picture gets promoted to the front page of This helps with awareness of the game even more! The Euro Game market is a crowded scene, so anything we can do to stand out we’ll try it!

Here’s the link to the first image. I’ve included the first image in this post – but head on over to and give it a thumb (and yes, you do have to register once in order to thumb – but I’ll be asking you to thumb and rate more of our games in the future – so you might as well register now!  Hey – while you’re there, why not write up a quick review of Train of Thought – or at least give it a rating? I’m not asking for you to stuff the ballots – but just for you to rate it whatever you think it’s worth!).