Kickstarter Picks- November 2014

It’s been a wonderful couple of weeks here as I’ve received a bunch of Kickstarter games in the mail! Yeehaw!

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 10.44.15 AMI played a quick round of Cinelinx and I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with my movie friends! It’s an interesting party games where you play cards that have movies, actors, genres, and directors on them – next to each other – but only if they have something in common. It was more head scratchy than I thought it was going to be. You can now get your own copy here.

I also got Progress and Tiny Epic Kingdom in the mail – and both look really great. I am just reading the rules right now but I’m excited to dig into both asap!

What’s worth backing right now on Kickstarter? Well there are a couple of games that jump out at me:

steampunk-rallySteampunk Rally from Roxley Games and designed by Orin Bishop. This is one of the most impressive and professional Kickstarter campaigns I have ever seen. It’s obvious that Roxley has spent a lot of time observing how other Kickstarter campaigns work and seems to be doing everything right! On top of that, the game looks super cool! A steampunk game that is actually a steampunk game!! It’s not just a tacked on theme. Definitely check this one out! As I write, the game is at $37,000 of its $42,000 goal – and with 25 days to go, it’s obviously going to knock that out of the park. I’m pretty sure we’ll hit all the stretch goals that are announced too – so I hope Roxley is coming up with more!

lanternsLanterns: The Harvest Festival from Foxtrot Games and designed by Christopher Chung. This is a fun game that I’ve play tested and will be one of those easy to pick up and play games that will ensure it gets a lot of playtime on game tables. Easy to understand rules but with some neat twists where all players get some sort of benefit on your turn, so it’s always challenging determining where to place your tile! The game has reached its funding goal of $10,000, as it’s now at $22,000 – but we’re about $1400 away from the next stretch goal of wooden favour tokens. So check this out so I can get cooler stuff! 🙂

So, which games have I missed that are worth checking out?

-Jay Cormier