Want to playtest some upcoming Bamboozle Brother games?

We like to think we playtest the heck out of our games. We live in different cities so we have multiple groups across the country already playtesting our games, but we’d like even more!

We are always looking for more people to playtest our games, but realize that not everyone that wants to playtests live close to either Sen or I! So now we’ve set up a quick survey for those that are interested in playtesting with your own group. You can sign up for Print and Play playtests – which means you’re comfortable printing your own set of components and cards, and testing, or you can sign up to have prototypes mailed to you.

If you are interested, please complete this quick survey! Thanks for taking an interest in making our games better!!

Current games that we’d like some playtesters for:

Godzilla – a 2 player card battling game

Powers (based on the hit comic by Brian Michael Bendis) – a 2-5 player 1 vs. many game in which 1 super powered villain moves around the city committing crimes while the others play as detectives trying to capture the super villain

Skirmishes – a 2 player combat game with very Euro mechanics. This game is designed by Jay and another designer, Shad!

But Wait There’s Even More – a completely new set of features and products for this party game that’s good for 3-12 players

Law of the Jungle – a 2-5 player family game about getting more animals than the other players, while avoiding the animal that will be removed at the end of the game

9 Thieves – a 2-5 player game about betting on which thief will avoid the guards and steal the most money by the end of the night.

-More top secret games that are in the works – some with licenses.

-Jay Cormier


Did you help playtest the Belfort expansion?


I’ve got some good news and some bad news…

The good news is that the Belfort expansion will be announced within a week or so! Yay! The publisher has decided to use Kickstarter to gauge the level of interest in the expansion. Expect to hear from us again when it launches!!

The bad news is that 2 months ago my home was robbed and they stole all my electronics. On the computer that was stolen was the contact information of all the people that playtested the expansion many, many months ago.

This really sucks because we want to credit them in the rule book – AND we’d like to get a blurb/review from any of them to help support the Kickstarter campaign.

Sooooo…if you were one of the playtesters, can you contact us? We’d like to give credit to you in our rule book and also see if you can provide some feedback that we can use in our campaign. Email me directly: explorer @ bertolt . ca (remove spaces before copying and pasting).

Thanks y’all – and talk to you all again soon with some news and art from Josh Cappel.