Pics of Tortuga at Nuremberg Toy Fair!

While I wasn’t able to attend Nuremberg this year (heck, any year yet…I’d love to go one of these years!), our friend Rose is currently there and she spotted Tortuga all set up on a table! Here are some pics of Tortuga that she took – but I have no guarantees that the final retail version will look identical to this. These pics could be a final prototype of the game from Queen – though they already do look very nice! Anywho – take a look!

Tor-sample1 Tor-sample2 Tor-sample3 Tor-sample4 Tor-sample5-Jay Cormier


Well, Shiver Me Timbers! Another Game Signing on the Horizon!

Avast ye scurvy seadogs – Hoist the mizzen mast and set course for Germany!

Our third game is 99% of the way to being signed with a *major* player in the industry – major as in the publisher of this year’s SdJ winner, “Kingdom Builder”! That’s right, folks! Jay and I have signed “Swashbucklers”, our game about carving out your place in the annals of pirate history on the rolling seas, with Queen Games.

The Queen name is synonymous with high quality and award-winning games. This is a great partnership, as we feel that Queen will give this game the artistic treatment and wide distribution that Swashbucklers deserves, though I am somewhat sad to see the cute anime-style Pirate Girls we’ve been using as placeholders go. It will be extremely interesting to see the difference in the development, marketing, and distribution process between a North American and a German publisher.

So, weigh anchor and set sail with us as we embark upon a new voyage full of adventure!


NOTE:  We are not 100% positive the pirate theme will be retained, but we’ll keep you updated here!

~ Sen