Pics of Tortuga at Nuremberg Toy Fair!

While I wasn’t able to attend Nuremberg this year (heck, any year yet…I’d love to go one of these years!), our friend Rose is currently there and she spotted Tortuga all set up on a table! Here are some pics of Tortuga that she took – but I have no guarantees that the final retail version will look identical to this. These pics could be a final prototype of the game from Queen – though they already do look very nice! Anywho – take a look!

Tor-sample1 Tor-sample2 Tor-sample3 Tor-sample4 Tor-sample5-Jay Cormier


First Pic of new game, Akrotiri pops up!

Akrotiri is another game coming from Sen and I this year, published by Z-Man Games. This is one of my favourite designs I’ve ever been a part of as it has tile laying (which I love!) as well as a pretty novel mechanic that I haven’t seen in another game.

In Akrotiri, 2 players face off against each other, placing tiles and resources down and using their ship to deliver those resources back to the main island of Thera. The money raised is used to help fund the excavations of temples – this is where the interesting mechanic comes in! Each player has Map cards that they keep secret that indicate the location of a hidden temple somewhere on the board.

“But the board is made up of tiles!” I hear you cry. Yes – and we found a way to have temples hidden on the board along with maps to help players find them – even though it’s a tile laying game and the board is different every single time you play it! I can’t wait for you all to get your hands on this one!

Expect the game this summer – but in the meantime, check out this picture taken by W. Eric Martin while he was in Nuremberg at the board game convention!

Akro-almost-final-Jay Cormier