Another Great Review of Orphan Black: The Card Game

Joel Eddy from Drive Thru Reviews has posted a video review of our new game, Orphan Black: The Card Game – and he loved it! This game has had a very slow launch, but with Tom Vasel giving it the Dice Tower Approved stamp and now Drive Thru giving it a positive review – here’s hoping the game gets onto more gamers’ tables!

A few of the things that stood out for me in the review:

“We have had a ball with this game!”

“It’s got an interesting way of approaching social deduction. It feels like a Werewolf or Resistance style of game but with a little bit more to it.”

“If you like the show, I think you’ll really get a kick out of this. I would get this if you’re a big fan of the show.”

“I would recommend this across the board, regardless if you’ve seen the show.”

-Jay Cormier


Belfort is number 2! Wait, that doesn’t sound right…

Seeing as it’s the end of the year, a lot of top ten lists are coming out. Belfort was Dice Hate Me‘s number 1 game of the year; it was the number 3 choice for Ender Wiggins; and now we’ve made Joel Eddy’s number 2 game of the year!. Joel Eddy has been making a name for himself with his thorough review videos entitled Drive Thru Reviews. You can watch the video below to see his entire top ten list – or skip to 7:49 to hear his words about Belfort.

Or you can watch his entire video review of Belfort here.

Actually you can win a copy of his favourite game of the year by entering his contest.

So as this year comes to a close – an amazing year for Sen and I – we’d like to wish you all the best in the new year. We hope you find the playtesters you need, or at the least, you find the gamers you need, when you need them!

-Jay Cormier