Free Games from Bamboozle Brothers!

Sen and I have decided to start giving away some of our games for free!

Crazy you say?

Maybe we are Milhouse, maybe we are…

But Wait There's More print and play gameHere’s the deal:  Awhile ago, we got our third game signed entitled But Wait, There’s More! It was a fun party game about matching benefit cards to item cards to come up with brand new inventions that you then had to pitch to the other players. We had a contract signed and everything.  We were ready to get going on development, but then fate stepped in.  Wearing combat boots.

Unfortunately, a few months after our contract was signed, there was another game announced that sounded very similar to our game – eerily similar.  So similar, in fact, that the one line pitch for each game would be near identical!  So the contract was cancelled and we were left with this great game in limbo.

So we’ve decided to give it to our faithful readers as a Holiday Gift from us to you!

All we ask for in return is that  If you do play the game, please let us know your thoughts! We had a blast creating it and playing it.  We hope that it can find its way into more homes through this PnP (Print and Play) release.

Go to this page to download all the printable components for your very own copy of But Wait, There’s More!  It’s also accessible from the top menu under “Free Games”, where it and any other PnP games we release will be housed.

Happy holidays!

-Jay Cormier