Most Anticipated Games – Results…and another 2 reviews!

The Most Anticipated Games of 2012 poll on boardgamegeek is now over and the results are in! I’m happy to report that the currently unnamed Belfort expansion made the list…twice!

It’s the 10th most anticipated expansion that’s due out this year. That’s pretty stellar as we’re in ridiculously fantastic company with the rest of the list comprised of expansions to these games:

1. 7 Wonders
2. Race for the Galaxy
3. Alien Frontiers
4. Quarriors!
5. Dominion
6. Galaxy Trucker
7. Cosmic Encounter
8. Eminent Domain
9. Summoner Wars
10. Belfort

Wow! Those are all huge games and we’re stoked to be included in this list! See full list here. But it doesn’t stop there. We were also the 9th most anticipated Economic game. Economic games are Euro-styled games that involve producing and managing resources and income of some sort – which is definitely what Belfort is all about. Here are the results for this category:

1. Merchants of Venus (Stronghold edition)
2. Merchants of Venus (Fantasy Flight edition)
3. Alien Frontiers: Factions
4. Agricola: Cave Farmers
5. Goa
6. Vinhos
7. Kings of Air and Steam
8. Crude: The Oil Game
9. Belfort expansion!
10.  CO2

Again, what a list of amazing titles (if I do say so myself!). Very cool and very exciting. See full list here. Thanks to all those who voted!

Here’s another review of Belfort. This time by Opinionated Gamers. The main review was written by Matt Carlson and he seemed to really like it. I really liked this statement he made:

I’ve got quite a few plays under my belt now, and I still haven’t tired of Belfort.

As that shows that there is re-playability to the game! It’s also worth noting that Belfort isn’t a game for everyone, as not all of the Opinionated Gamers liked it. One of the reasons why I like Opinionated Gamers so much is that they don’t just give you one opinion – they give you many!  So 4 of them liked it, 1 was neutral to it and 3 said it wasn’t for them – which is fair. Check out their review here. Thanks for playing it…and for you opinions!

The next ‘review’ is more of a summary and thoughts on their most recent play of the game. Geek Insight, over at Giant Fire Breathing Robot continues to like the game, even though he got smacked around by some Interactive Guilds this time! He points out a few new learnings about the advantages and disadvantages of going last on the final turn! Thanks for playing!

-Jay Cormier


Two More Positive Belfort Reviews!

We continued to be pleasantly shocked by all the favourable reviews Belfort has been getting. Two more reviews have just popped up – and they both like it!

The first is from Dice Slam, a new site devoted to board game reviews. Under the ‘Thumbs Up’ section he calls Belfort his Game of the Year! Read the entire review here!

Secondly we have a review/first impression from Giant Fire Breathing Robot’s Geek Insight. Amongst the things he mentioned liking:

I absolutely love the interaction of worker placement and area majority.

Oh how I’m looking forward to more plays.


Thanks for playing – and thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!

-Jay Cormier

Interview with the Creators of Train of Thought!

Still unpacking in my new place – but wanted to share this interview we did with Giant Fire Breathing Robot.  Check it out to learn more about the history of Train of Thought as well as more info about our next game Belfort.

I’ll also use this as an opportunity to update everyone on Belfort: As of last week – it has been sent to the printers in China!  We’re anticipating a summer release.  The art is super amazing and we’ll be leaking some images online over the next few months to start building up the hype!

And in the bad news department, our third game – But Wait There’s More – just got cancelled.  Apparently there’s a game coming out this year that’s eerily similar to our game and so we got cancelled.  Very sad of course, but understandable.  Onwards and upwards!

-Jay Cormier