Vote for our game, But Wait There’s More, to help it win a Geekie Award!

Screenshot 2015-06-29 08.09.33That’s right – we’ve been nominated to win a Geekie Award with our game, But Wait There’s More! Wow super cool!!

If you like the game and would like to see it win, then voting for it would be a wonderful thing to do! You can do that here!

Also worth noting – you won’t be asked to register for anything or even enter your email address – so it’s super quick. Also, you can vote every single day!! Woo hoo!!

Thanks for your support everyone!

-Jay Cormier

Video of Belfort winning the Geekie Award!

We now have the very embarrassing video of Belfort winning the Geekie award! It’s not embarrassing because we won – that’s frickin’ awesome – no it’s embarrassing because no one showed up to collect the award!! Check out this video at 3 minutes to see what I mean!! Still – it’s amazing that we won and we’re both very happy – though miffed that we didn’t attend!!

Geekie Award for TableTop Games

-Jay Cormier