Tortuga wins Austrian Family Game award!

Screenshot 2014-07-03 21.27.26The game hasn’t hit North American shores yet, but that hasn’t stopped it from impressing the Austrians! Tortuga won The Family Game Hit award for 2014! Good news!! Here’s hoping it finds similar love and appreciation when it hits US and Canada soon. For full Austrian coverage check out this link.

Two More Positive Belfort Reviews!

We continued to be pleasantly shocked by all the favourable reviews Belfort has been getting. Two more reviews have just popped up – and they both like it!

The first is from Dice Slam, a new site devoted to board game reviews. Under the ‘Thumbs Up’ section he calls Belfort his Game of the Year! Read the entire review here!

Secondly we have a review/first impression from Giant Fire Breathing Robot’s Geek Insight. Amongst the things he mentioned liking:

I absolutely love the interaction of worker placement and area majority.

Oh how I’m looking forward to more plays.


Thanks for playing – and thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!

-Jay Cormier

Belfort named Game of the Year!

That’s right, Belfort was named Game of the year by popular board game review site, Dice Hate Me. Sen and I are flabbergasted!

“For me, Belfort is a rarity – a box full of magic that scratches multiple gaming itches in one intensely-satisfying sitting.”

Thanks for playing and for naming it your game of the year!

-Jay Cormier