Final Box Art for Belfort!

This just in – here’s Josh Cappel’s final art for the box for Belfort.  I probably sound like a broken record but this is just amazing!


When you are trying to get a game published you go through some anxious phases.  Phase 1 is when you submit a game and you’re anxious to hear back from the publisher.  Phase 2 is when a publisher wants to publish your game and then you’re anxious to see if they want to change the game a ton or not (“Love the game – but can we make it about ponies making rainbows?”).  Phase 3 is when you’re waiting to see the first art for the game.  If the art sucks then for the rest of this game’s existence you’d bring it out and say, “yeah, don’t look at the art – the game is awesome though.”

Fortunately we’ve made it successfully through each of these phases!  I think the next phase is waiting to see the actual physical product and see if the components are top quality.  Then the next phase is sales!

But for now – we are extremely happy with where we’re at!

Belfort box art

-Jay Cormier

Belfort Box Art: Second Sketch!

Here’s the next stage of the Belfort box art from Josh Cappel.  Loving it!  Great attention to detail in the background.  You can even see the wizard lowering the top of the tower down.  Tasty Minstrel requested one change from this image…simply to reverse the hammer in the Elf’s hand!  Next step is the painting.  After this we only have a few more pieces of art left: the Calendar board, the Collection board, the player order indicators, the player aids and the rulebook.  Getting close!


belfort box board game art

A Teeny Bit More Art for Belfort

Just got this update in from Josh Cappel.  It’s the back of the Guild tiles.  B is Basic; I is Interactive and R is Resource.  The rules have suggestions on how many of each you should use in your game, but once you get familiar with them all you could play with whichever ones you wanted.  I like how it looks like a book on the back!  Nice.

Belfort Guild Tiles with back

More Art for Belfort!

This week we got to see the art that Josh Cappel created for the Guild Cards for our upcoming game, Belfort.  So for those keeping track at home, we’ve seen a segment of the board, the building cards, the logo and now the Guilds.

For those that have never played Belfort (and that would be the majority of you I assume!), each game you choose which 5 Guilds you want to play with.  This allows for a lot of replay-ability as it keeps the game fresh every time you play it (and also allows for some expansions!).

I’ve posted our original prototype and Josh’s art below.  When I say original prototype – I mean this was our 23rd actual prototype of the game that we made.  Belfort has gone through more playtests and tweaks than any other game that we’ve made.  It’s probably because it’s our most gamery game – meaning it has layers of strategy that have to be finely balanced.

Looking at both the prototype art that we used when playtesting and Josh’s art, it’s interesting to see some of the differences.

1) This biggest difference (besides great art vs. only serviceable art) is the crest on each of Josh’s designs.  This adds more theme to the game and creates more character for the game.  Great idea.

2) The Worker Placement spot has been removed as it was added to the actual board instead (see here)!  Saved a ton of room on the tile.

3) The names of some of the guilds were changed – and the reason for this was because visually it’s nicer to look at when the font is the same size on all Guilds – and we couldn’t do that with some of the longer names – so Josh came up with new names!  Great idea!

4) Some of the grammar has changed – and that came from some feedback from the group once we saw the final art (as this is the third version we’ve seen this week of these guilds!).

All in all, another fantastic piece of work from Mr. Cappel.  I’m ridiculously excited to see such amazing quality for this game.  I think this game has a big chance to make quite the impression in the board game world…but maybe I’m biased a bit! 🙂

Belfort Art for Guild tiles

Belfort guild tile art Josh Cappel

Art for Belfort Building Cards

More art is coming in from the very talented Joshua Cappel!  I’m loving the attention to detail in these cards.  I also am really enjoying seeing how an artist who has a lot of experience in illustrating board games has come up with some great graphical representations for various aspects.  For example, the bottom of most cards are not able to be used until a player recruits a Gnome and places the Gnome on that card.  What Josh did here is create that lock symbol, visually indicating that a player cannot use that area – but once a Gnome (now pentagon shaped instead of star shaped, which fits as the board is also pentagon shaped!) is on it then the lock symbol is gone and therefore the ability is unlocked.  Beautiful!

Here is our prototype that Tasty Minstrel played and then the art provided by Josh.  This was the third draft of the cards that we saw from Josh as we had some minor tweaks for the first couple of drafts.  Some improvements were about making the resources more easily identifiable, having some more consistency with layout and some rule clarification.

It’s been an amazing collaboration and one I wasn’t fully expecting.  It’s been wonderful that Tasty Minstrel has kept us in the loop and allowed us to provide feedback throughout this process.  On one hand it’s tremendously exciting to see amazing looking art for a game we designed, and on the other hand we are able to catch anything that actually affects gameplay before it goes to print.  All in all – we are all very excited about these cards!!

Our Prototype Art for the Building Cards in Belfort:

Belfort Prototype cards

Almost Final Art by Josh Cappel for Belfort Building Cards:

Belfort cards

Belfort Update – First Art is in!

We just got our first glimpse at the art for our game, Belfort that is being released in 2011 by Tasty Minstrel Games – and I have to say that I am super impressed.  The art is done by Joshua Cappel who has done game design for some great games: Endeavor, Wasabi, Pandemic and many more.

The board is comprised of 5 identical segments such as the one below.  You can see our prototype version and the preview art by Josh (which I’m told isn’t final yet) below.  It’s very interesting to me to see some of the improvements that have been made on the game already.  Below I use “they” instead of “Josh” because I’m not sure how much is 100% from Josh and how much was direction from Tasty Minstrel.

1) I love that they’ve given each building its own icon.  That makes a lot of sense and will help clear up real estate space on the cards that players have.

2) I like that they added the Gold cost and worker placement square for the Guild on the board instead of having to reproduce that each time on the Guild cards.

3) I do like that they kept the shapes of each building unique as I think that will help players locate and identify each building.

4) I love all the little people in and around the town.  Adds a lot of flavour. To this point, Josh has decided he will be making each of the 5 segments different when it comes to the denizens of the town of Belfort.  Tasty Minstrel has a great idea to poll people for ideas on what these denizens could be doing around the town – like a fight outside the pub, or playing another board game by Tasty Minstrel in the Library etc…  Great idea!  Check out Tasty Minstrel on Facebook to add ideas – or even add them to the comments below and I’ll forward them. (Click to make bigger!)