Where can you get Train of Thought?

Well it’s out there now!  Train of Thought is available online and in stores.  Yeah but which stores?  Well, it’s hard to know all the stores that are carrying it, but they’ll mostly be actual game stores.  Don’t go looking in Toys R’ Us or Walmart quite yet!

If your local game store doesn’t have it – well, tell them to order some in! 🙂  Hopefully if more and more people are asking for it, then they’ll have to bring it in to keep up with the immense demand.

I’ve listed a few sites below of online stores that are carrying it if you want to buy online.  Also – Train of Thought is back on the Hotness List on boardgamegeek.com!  When people play any game, they can log into their profile and record that they’ve played it.  To get on the Hotness I believe a game has been played by the most people.  So Train of Thought is currently the 22nd most played game in the world (according to the users of bgg.com!).

If you have played the game, please give it a rating on bgg.com!  Here are some pictures of Train of Thought on store shelves:

Train of Thought available in the US:

Board & Bits


Cool Stuff Inc

Thought Hammer

Card Haus Games

RC Hobbies

Gnome Games

CCG Armory


Train of Thought available in Canada:

Fun Games Cafe

German Boardgame Co.


Starlight Citadels

Craving for A Game

Train of Thought available in the UK:

Infinity Games









First official review of Train of Thought is in!

Train of Thought box artWe’ve heard a lot of great things from the community about Train of Thought (like the reviews posted on Train of Thought’s Facebook page), but here is our first official review – and it’s a good one! Father Geek has been reviewing games on boardgamegeek.com for years and he has written up a great review of the game here.

Of note, I really liked this part:

“This game does a lot of things right. First, it provides for a high level of player interaction. I love games where I get to actually play with the other people. Second, it is fast paced. There is no down time and a single game doesn’t last very long or feel drawn out. Third, this game is challenging and requires all the players to use their active listening, communication, and logical thinking skills. This makes the game very challenging and rewarding. Fourth, and finally, the game’s mechanics and flow are easy to understand and to teach. This makes it very easy for me to introduce the game to veteran gamers and new players, alike.”

Thanks for the review Father Geek! If anyone else has reviewed Train of Thought – please make sure to let us know and we’ll link to it!

-Jay Cormier

Train of Thought Designer Diaries on BGG

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile then you probably know most of the story, but in case you haven’t – or you’re interested in learning more about the process we took from …well – from Inspiration to Publication (natch!) – then check out the Designer Diaries that was posted this wkd on BGG.com!

2 Days Left to help Belfort!

Thanks to all those that helped already – but we need a lot of help to get Belfort up in the ranks for the Most Anticipated Games of 2011.


So if you are anticipating this game, then please vote for it by going to BGG.com and clicking the check box beside Belfort.  Belfort is located in 4 categories:

Overall, Original Game, Economic and Fantasy.

If we can get into the top 10 for some of these lists then that will go a long way in getting the gamers interested in this game.  I understand that it’s frustrating to register for the site to be able to vote – but just remember that I love each and everyone of you… 🙂  Thanks for your efforts!

-Jay Cormier

Top 50 – new directions

Ah – I should read more before asking you all to act! 🙂  If you’d like to see Belfort or Train of Thought make the finalists for most anticipated game (like Sen and I do!) then instead of clicking on the thumb, all you have to do is go to this site and click on the box beside each game you’d like to vote for.

Belfort can be found in these categories (so please vote for each if you like!):


-Original Game



While Train of Thought can be found in these categories:


-Family, Party, Word & Abstract

Sorry for the confusion – but here’s hoping you’re anticipating these games as much as we are!

The Most Anticipated Games of 2011 – Top 50!

This just in – Belfort and Train of Thought both made the Top 50 games that people are most looking forward to in 2011!  But we need your help to make it to the top of the list as we are only nominated currently.

If you are anticipating either game then go to this site and click the Thumbs Up button below each game.

Belfort is at # 27

Train of Thought is at #44

While we don’t get anything specifically for being the most anticipated, it will definitely help sales as this is the main site gamers go to see which games are hot.

Thanks for your support and help!