Last One!

Train of Thought is almost *SOLD OUT* at the online shop for BestBuy; so if this is on a loved one’s wish list and you wanted to make sure you get it before the Holiday Season, order now! You can also tack on another small item if you want to take advantage of the free shipping (for orders over $20) (some restrictions probably apply…)

~ Sen-Foong Lim

A Dozen Passengers on the Train of Thought!

Check out this great interview on BoardGameGeek for Train of Thought – 12 people played…12 people had a great time…14 people are happy (the 12 that played + Jay and I!)

Train of Thought box art

For more info, check out Tasty Minstrel Games

For those of you wanting to pick up a copy of the game, Train of Thought can be purchased online from BestBuy (Canada).  Stock up early for all your Christmas gift-giving needs!

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Go to to purchase Train of Thought online!