Belfort Promo Wagon Commences!

We’re starting the promotional campaign for Belfort! The artist for the game, Josh Cappel, has made up these small ads that take one of the components of the game and then has a interesting or funny saying attached to it. We’re expecting a new one to be posted every week until the game launches this summer!

If you want to see all the images as they come then you can do one of two things:

1) Register on and then subscribe to Belfort (an option on the right hand side of the screen).  Then, every time you log into you will be told if there has been any updates with Belfort!

2) Go to Facebook and add Belfort as a friend! We’ll be sharing the images on Facebook shortly after they launch on

If you’re interested in helping out, then you can click the green ‘thumbs-up’ icon near the image when you’re on If enough people ‘thumb’ it then the picture gets promoted to the front page of This helps with awareness of the game even more! The Euro Game market is a crowded scene, so anything we can do to stand out we’ll try it!

Here’s the link to the first image. I’ve included the first image in this post – but head on over to and give it a thumb (and yes, you do have to register once in order to thumb – but I’ll be asking you to thumb and rate more of our games in the future – so you might as well register now!  Hey – while you’re there, why not write up a quick review of Train of Thought – or at least give it a rating? I’m not asking for you to stuff the ballots – but just for you to rate it whatever you think it’s worth!).