Train of Thought is #13!

Looks like Train of Thought must be available in some stores because in one day the number of people who have ranked Train of Thought on the website went from 41 to 82!  Now, based on everyone who has ranked the game, it is currently the 13th best Party Game (of all time!) according to users of!  That’s amazing!  Thanks to all those who ranked it!  It’s great to see so many people enjoying the game.  Of course this ranking will fluctuate as more people play it and rank it – but I’m happy to see it so high!  Here’s the link to see for yourself (though it probably will change depending on when you click this link!).  Here’s the screen grab to prove it! 🙂


The first column is the ranking, the second is a picture, third is the title, the 4th is if I’ve personally ranked it (yes I ranked my own game a 10 – wouldn’t you? 🙂 ), the 5th column is called the Geek Rating and the 6th is the average rating, and finally the last column is how many people have rated it.

So the Average Rating is literally the true average of everyone’s rating.  The Geek Rating throws in a bunch of 5.5 votes to ensure a game with 7 votes of all 10s (from the designer and his family!) isn’t rated the #1 game!  So the true average rating is a more accurate indication of what people think of a game.  Any way you slice it – man I’m happy!

-Jay Cormier