MIND MGMT Launches…and FUNDS in one day!

Banner-2Wanted to make sure you knew that the new game designed by Sen and I, MIND MGMT: The Psychic Espionage “Game” launched yesterday on Kickstarter…….and funded in less than 14 hours! Wow!

Rahdo QUote8

The game is a one vs. many, hidden movement game and has been receiving amazing reviews so far. The game features amazing art by the NY Times Best Selling Author and Illustrator, Matt Kindt. It introduces the SHIFT System in which the losing side gets to open a sealed package after the game which will give them game-changing abilities the next time they play.

Check it out, watch the amazing video (made by Kazan Productions – highly recommended) and see what we’ve been up to lately!

Check out MIND MGMT: The Psychic Espionage “Game” on Kickstarter.

-Jay Cormier