Orphan Black Catches the Eye of Boardgaming For The Win

As our first published venture into the realm of Intellectual Properties (though we’ve been working on Godzilla for much longer) and the first social deduction game we’ve made, Orphan Black holds a special place in my heart.  BBC America’s amazing show (starring the stunningly talented Tatiana Maslany – a fellow Canadian), which is further chronicled in IDW’s equally excellent comic adaptation, is one of my favourite series of the past few years eclipsed only by the recent rash of Netflix awesomeness.  But I still have much love for the Clone Club. And so does Christopher Richter, who posted an insightful review of the game, its rules, plus his gameplay impressions here:

Orphan Black Card Game


For those of you who are fans of the show and haven’t picked up the game, give it a shot!  For those of you who are fans of games, but haven’t seen the show, check it out!    You’ll be amazed at how many boardgames are prominently featured in the show.  It’s as if the showrunners were gamers or something…


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