Junk Art is #5!

While Origins is now a few weeks in our rear window, I just became aware of the fact that it was ranked as the 5th top game at Origins according to the Geek Buzz! The Geek Buzz is from boardgamegeek.com and involves attendees of Origins submitting which games they think are hot – or are buzz-worthy. It’s a pretty cool feat since Junk Art beat out one of this year’s Spiel des Jahres nominees!

Screenshot 2016-07-05 07.11.50

-Jay Cormier


Akrotiri is getting a reprint!

AkroWell this is lovely news! We heard from Filosofia, the publisher of Akrotiri that they are completely sold out of Akrotiri – but the orders from game stores keep pouring in – so another print run has been ordered! That’s fantastic news! No news on when it should be available, but if you want the game, keep bugging your friendly local game stores!


-Jay Cormier