Akrotiri Makes Rahdo’s Top 10 2-Player Games!

Rahdo has done a play through of Akrotiri before and has mentioned that him and his wife really loved it – and now we can see how much they love it! He ranks it as his second favourite 2-player game of all time! That’s high praise! Thanks Rahdo! Check out his entire video here – or fast forward to 21:00 to see what he has to say about Akrotiri!



Overview of Godfather: A New Don video

Godfather-boxWhile at Origins, Nate from IDW Games was asked by Learn to Play to give an overview of how Godfather: A New Don works. He does an admirable job going through all the aspects of the game – but there are still some interesting things left to explore once it is released this summer! Remember to pre-order from your favourite local game store!






-Jay Cormier

Godfather: A New Don Launch Video

To help better explain our new Godfather: A New Don game (from IDW Games), we made a video! I have a starring role in the video and Sen created the cool Godfather-esque music for it! The video gives a quick rundown of how the game works so you have more information about whether this game is for you or not (trust me – it is for you!!). Ask your local your store to pre-order it for you can be the coolest person on the block!

-Jay Cormier




Bearded Meeple reviews Junk Art

Our second video review of Junk Art just popped up online! This time it’s from the infamous Bearded Meeple. He reviews the components and some of the rules (there are many ways to play) and then gives his thoughts on the game. Some key sound bites that I enjoyed:

“We had a lot of fun playing it.”

“I like the obscure pieces in it and I really like the cards.”

“It’s not the same game every time you play it.”

“I like it! I hope you get a chance to check it out.”

Thanks Bearded Meeple!

-Jay Cormier

Junk Art Makes Top 10 Games at Origins!

Junk Art is majunk art-imageking a showing at Origins before its official debut at GenCon later this year. For one blogger – who totally doesn’t even like dexterity games – it made his top 10 list of games he’s played at Origins so far! Wow – that’s great praise considering how many games are on display at Origins! If you’re at Origins – please take a photo of you playing Junk Art and send it our way! I’d love to see your art!! Email to jay (at) bamboozlebrothers.com.

You can check out the blog post from Late to the Table here!

-Jay Cormier

Junk Art teaser trailer – and Junk Art now available at Origins!

junkartWell lookie lookie – Junk Art, the newest game from Sen and I and published by Pretzel Games – will be available at Origins! Whaaa?!

Well hold on a second… first of all, they’ll have copies so you can play the game there – including an oversized, giant version! Then they mentioned that they will have a limited number of copies for sale. Crazy! The game debuts at GenCon, but it’s making a sneak peek at Origins at booth 739! Get there fast if you want a copy!! For more information on Junk Art, check out its product page from Pretzel Games.

And if you don’t know what Junk Art is yet, check out this trailer!


Godfather: A New Don available at Origins

OriginsGoing to Origins in a week and a bit? Want to pick up the coolest game ever? Well you’re in luck my friend because our new game, Godfather: A New Don is scheduled to debut at Origins! Origins is one of the two biggest board game events in North America (the other being the grand daddy, GenCon).

Godfather-boxSo if you’re heading to Origins – check out our game! I’m actually not sure if IDW Games has a booth or not…I assume they do. Hmmm…I should find that out! But I do know that IDW Games has announced that Godfather: A New Don will be available at Origins! Go check it out…do it!!!

-Jay Cormier