The Cardboard Republic Interview the Bamboozle Brothers about Orphan Black: The Card Game

CarboardRepA cool new audio interview just popped up from Cardboard Republic with Sen and I being the interviewees! We talk mostly about our new Orphan Black game, how we came to be the designers of it and the entire design process. We also touch on our ‘famous’ MVP philosophy that we have always followed and recommend to others wanting to succeed at game design. Check it out here (our bit starts at 20:18).

-Jay Cormier


Orphan Black: The Card Game is Dice Tower Approved!

orphanblackcoverWell this is certainly some good news! Tom Vasel from the Dice Tower has just posted his overview of the rules as well as his thoughts on our new game, Orphan Black: The Card Game…and (spoiler)…he liked it!!! It’s Dice Tower approved!

Some things I liked specifically were:

“The game offers a unique experience that you won’t find in any other game.”

“I’m sure if you enjoy Orphan Black you’re going to enjoy it, but even if you don’t it’s an entertaining game.”

Thanks Tom for the kind words!

-Jay Cormier