Bamboozle Brothers Schedule at GenCon

GenConWe are getting ready for our first visit to GenCon and we thought we’d share what are plans are with y’all. If you want to connect with us – know that our time is pretty tight, but we do have some time in the evenings.

Here’s where we’ll be while we’re at GenCon:

Wednesday, July 29

Day: Sen is driving in
Night: Pitch to Level 99 to at 8PM
Late Night: Meeple Syrup Show live from GenCon!

Thursday, July 30

Morning:  Check out booths
Afternoon: Jay arrives from flight, pitch to Dice Hate Me at 5pm
Night: Nerd Nighter Charity, Demo of But Wait There’s More at 10pm (Hall D, Green, table 10-11)

Friday, July 31

Morning: Interview with The Spiel at 10:30am
Afternoon: Pitch to R&R at 12pm, Foxtrot at 1pm, Z-Man at 2pm, Action Phase at 3pm, Hasbro at 4pm, Renegade at 5pm
Night: Demo of But Wait There’s More at 7 and 8pm (Hall D, Green, table 10-11)

Saturday, Aug 1

Morning: Walk around convention
Afternoon: Pitch to Tasty Minstrel Games at 12pm, Ad Magic at 2pm, Give seminar to public about pitching games to publisher – C Plaza: Penn Stn B, Demo of But Wait There’s More at 5pm (Hall D, Green, table 10-11), pitch to Lamp Light Games
Night: Totally free right now!

Sunday, Aug 2

Morning :Demo of But Wait There’s More at 11am (Hall D, Green, table 10-11)
Afternoon: Jay leaves to airport
Night: Sen drives home

So hope to see you there! If you do – come up and say hi…we’re Canadian so we’re pretty friendly! 🙂

-Jay Cormier


We’re doing a seminar at GenCon – and it’s gonna be awesome!

GenConThe Bamboozle Brothers are going to GenCon for the first time ever and we’re doing a 60 minute seminar titled, “Pitching Games to Publishers, the Bamboozle Brothers Way.”

We’re taking a lot of the ideas from this blog (from The Steps) and actually acting them out. So you’ll see us actually pitch a game (not to a real publisher!) – but we think that will be a lot better than hearing us talk about pitching to publishers (which we’ll do as well though!).

We’re planning to have a lot of fun with it – so if you’re going to GenCon and want to learn how we’ve found success in this business – then you better sign up as the room only holds 50 people and we already have 26 people signed up! The Session ID is SEM1572445.

We’ll also spend some time answering any questions you have, and if there is interest and time – we’ll even sign any of our games you have!

See you there!

-Jay Cormier