Podcast review of Akrotiri

AkroHere’s our first podcast review of Akrotiri, from the fine fellows at Punching Cardboard. The rules explanation starts at the 18 minute mark and they share their thoughts along the way. Overall they liked it and said it’s a keeper! One of them wasn’t too fond of the randomness of the goal cards, then the other pointed out that there is a Strategists Variant in the back of the rules and that seemed to make him very happy and more prone to playing it again!
As for answering other questions they asked in the podcast:

1) The game actually did start as a 2-5 player game but the publisher (Z-Man Games/Filosofia) thought it would excel as a 2 player only game. We thought about it for awhile as we thought it was a good 2-5 player game (well, maybe 5 was pushing it) – but we conceded because it really would be the biggest complaint about the game – the downtime. With any tile laying game, you often can’t plan too much on your turn because the world changes so much before it’s your turn again. In a 2 player game you don’t really notice it, but you would in a 3-5 player game.

That said, it’s fairly simple to pimp out your copy of Akrotiri to accommodate more players. Simply photocopy the player aid and then find 6 temple and a boat from another game. Everything else is in the game! The end game should probably change though too. Originally the end game was a certain number of land tiles being placed. I can’t recall how many we used when we were testing it but I believe it was 30 tiles for a 5 player game, 28 for a 4 player game, 24 for a 3 player game. That keeps the game length down. But feel free to house rule it how you see fit!

2) We originally named the game Santorini because the island of Santorini was formed from a volcano eruption and therefore has no fertile soil. This means that they have to purchase their goods from surrounding islands. There are a few problems with Santorini though – that’s the modern day name of the location, but the game is set in the past. Also, there was a game called Santorini on BGG. So we decided to call it Akrotiri, which is the archaeological dig site on the island. It’s a weird one to pronounce but it certainly stands out!

-Jay Cormier


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