Awesome review of our new game Akrotiri!

Photo from As A Gamer website

Photo from As A Gamer website

Here’s a really polished review of our new game Akrotiri from a site called As A Gamer. The photos alone make it worth checking out as they all look so professional! Please share with us your tips on taking good board game photos!!

Things that stood out to me in the review:

“The game has two basic elements: pick-up and deliver and tile placement. They both seem easy to explain and to understand. And they are. However, this game is a brain burner.”

“The game looks colourful and cheerful and the boats and the temples give this game a bit extra.”

“There’s more in this box than you might think from reading the back or reading the description on BGG.”

“This game really shines. A tactical, thinky, two-player game in a relatively small box that packs a nice punch.”

Thanks for the review!

-Jay Cormier


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