It’s a Good Week: Game Featured in Upcoming Book and Godzilla Contract Signed!

Just got an email from Eric W Martin that he would like to include a game that I designed – along with friend, Don Kirkby, in an upcoming book and game package that he’s producing on a game system called the Piecepack.

pieccepackWhat the heck is Piecepack? Well, it’s an open source game system designed by James Kyle that allows people to make their own games using a specific set of components. Hundreds of games have been designed using this system and now Eric W Martin is writing a book about it – and including numerous amazing games that demonstrate its versatility and unique-ness!

The game Don and I created is called Cream of the Crop – which can be found for free here on this site! It’s a clever game that I’m happy will get played by more people!

In other news, Sen and I have received our contracts back from Toy Vault! We are now contractually obligated to make a Godzilla game! How cool is that? This is our first game that we’ve been asked to make by a publisher – and our first time working with an IP! We’re pretty stoked. We already have the core system working, but now it will undergo a million and one play tests and tweaks!

Stay tuned for more info on both of these projects as we develop them further!

-Jay Cormier


Akrotiri Sold Out at Essen!

IMG_0984Well Essen has come and gone and the Internets are hopping with what people played, what’s good and what’s not. A somewhat decent flag to wave if you’re a publisher is if a game sells out. Of course if they only brought 10 copies then that’s not a very impressive flag – but Z-Man brought 150 copies of Akrotiri and they sold out of all copies! That’s great news and it sets Akrotiri up for good word of mouth – assuming those mouths belong to people that like the game.

So if you got a copy – consider yourself lucky! Please tweet or post about your thoughts on BGG, your own blog, or in response to this post. If you didn’t get a copy, no worries as it should start hitting distributors soon and then to retailers! Then everyone can bathe in the awesomeness that is Akrotiri (can you tell that I really like this game?!)!

-Jay Cormier

Akrotiri overview video from Essen!

logo-spiel-essen_04Our first game to be released at Essen Spiel is Akrotiri and we have our first video overview of the game thanks to boardgamegeek’s livestream! Click on this link and then jump to the 7:14:00 mark right near the end to watch this 5 minute overview of the game! Thanks to JF from Filosofia for presenting it so nicely!

-Jay Cormier

You too can buy This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the 2-4 of Us!

ThisTown-logoYou know that hit game that was super successful on Kickstarter but for some reason you missed out on it? Well now you can! This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the 2-4 of Us is now available on the BGG store! You can get a copy for only $5! Now that’s a bargain. Head on over to the BGG Store and check it out and buy a copy or twelve.

-Jay Cormier

First Time a Game of Ours Launches at Essen!

IMG_1303We are excited! Not only do we have our very first game called Akrotiri launching at Essen – which opens tomorrow morning – but it’s actually our favourite game we’ve designed. I know, I know – it’s hard to choose which of your “children” is your favourite – and while we do love all the games we have designed, this is the game that I would play the most. It  just scratches all the itches I have when I want to play a game.

If you’re at Essen, we would loooooove it if you could take a picture or twelve of Akrotiri being played or being sold or stacks of it for sale!! We can’t attend Essen this year so we’ll have to live vicariously through all of you lucky dogs out there! If you do play it and enjoy it – then make sure you tell the BGG booth as they have a system to track which games are the ones worth checking out.

Akrotirifin3finAkrotiri can be found at the Z-Man Games booth in Hall 3 booth P111. I’ll wait here, constantly refreshing my computer until I get some photos of Akrotiri out in the public!!!

-Jay Cormier