The Meeple Syrup Show in 3D: Designers Discussing Design

When not designing or playtesting games, I like to talk about games with other game designers.  So I figured we should make a vidcast of what we do for fun anyway!  I gathered together the forces of good (i.e. the Game Artisans of Canada) and Daryl Andrews answered the call as the co-host while Dylan Kirk and Jay Cormier (of course) would rotate in and out as available for colour commentary.

We’re going to be doing this every Wednesday night from 11 p.m. EST for about an hour and a half, right after the Dallas Nerd Nighters show, in fact!  They’ve been great in helping us troubleshoot some technical stuff and have welcomed us on their shows many times.

So, stay tuned, if you’re into boardgame design, because we aim to bring you some of the best of the best when it comes to designers, live and direct!

Follow us on Twitter at @MeepleSyrup and like us on Facebook at  You can e-mail us any questions you’d like to ask our guests (next week, we’ve got Michael Eskue and Scott Almes to discuss microgames) at

Thanks for watching!

~Sen-Foong Lim 



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