Fantastic Audio Review of But Wait There’s More!

butwaitboxThis is great! After winning the Geekie award for Belfort we then get this audio review of our Kickstarter game, But Wait There’s More! They really loved it and demoed a round! They said they would take it to any party and they all seemed to really enjoy playing it!

Great quote: “This could be the big SALES game” – just like Pictionary is the big DRAWING game. Wow – that would be great!!

Click on the pod symbol after clicking this link!

Thanks to The Party Gamecast for the great review!!!


And the winner is…

Wow!  Can’t even lie – it’s a shock to both Jay and I.  We were watching the Geekies online, chatting with each other and BAM!  There it was, our game up on screen with the name right next to the word:   “Winner”

It was sad that neither Jay nor I could be there to accept.  No one from TMG was able to be in attendance either due to GenCon2014 responsibilities (Jay and I were both at #GenCant2014 instead…).  So the hosts, Greg Grunberg and Brea Grant for accepting on our behalf.  Greg’s telepathy just didn’t have the range to reach us up here in Canada.  Brea might have been able to run really fast and get some words from us, I suppose….

So what does this mean?  I dunno!  Only that this blue baby is ours for at least one year!

Thanks to everyone who’s ever played the game, reviewed it, told a friend about it, and loved it.  We make games so that other people can have fun playing them.  If not for the gaming community, we couldn’t have achieved so much!

And thanks to Daryl Andrews for the screen caps (Look out for his game “The Walled City” with co-designer Stephen Sauer to hit shelves in the near future – it’s awesome!)


~Sen-Foong Lim

And here we have a rare sight…

… a tower of Tortugas, in their natural habitat at GenCon 2014.

Pretty cool, eh?

So neat to see them there, since neither Jay or I could make it this year.  Many thanks to our good friend, Paul Paterson, from – one of the best retailers in Southern Ontario, for taking the picture and tagging us on FaceBook.

If anyone gets a shot or, even better, video of the game live and in action at GenCon, let us know!

Can’t be at GenCon? Then come to GenCant!

Image preview


You don’t even have to leave your home!  Well, you can, as long as you bring your smart phone with you.

Just launch Twitter and use the hastag #GenCant2014 and let the homebound gaming community know how you’re celebrating the best 4 days of game that North America has to offer! 

Enter the photo contest, where you can win prizes off of this awesome list:

Pretty amazing for something not at all official and just quickly organized by a bunch of geeks!

I’m going to ship out a signed copy Belfort: The Expansion Expansion to one lucky person.  Next year, I’ll try to save a full game to give away at GenCant2015!  I have a feeling that it’s going to be an ongoing thing!

#GenCant2014 – The Best Convention That There Ever Wasn’t

Another great review for Tortuga!

Tortuga-BoxAnother positive review for Tortuga has popped up online from our friends at Board Dom I Nation. They focus on reviewing games that are good for families – and thought that Tortuga really fit the bill! Here are some of my favourite excerpts from the review:

“This is a great game to play with your family or even regular gamers.”


“My family had a very fun time with this game and hope to get in many more plays.”


“I highly recommend this game for families.”

Thanks for writing up the review! You can read the full review here.

-Jay Cormier

Club Fantasci interviewing Jay and Sen Thursday! Get your questions in now.

Screenshot 2014-08-13 20.06.14
Club Fantasci will be interviewing Sen and I live tomorrow night (Thursday, August 14) at 9pm EST (6pm PST). We’re pretty excited about it and this is your chance to ask us some questions as well! If you have questions you want answered then you can tweet them to @ClubFantasci before tomorrow night. Here’s the link for the actual interview:

Club Fantasci Interviews Jay and Sen

That reminds me…did you know you can follow Jay on Twitter: @bamboozlebros and you can follow Sen: @SenFoongLim.

Cool. See you then!
-Jay Cormier

Bamboozle Brother games at GenCon 2014!

Are you going to GenCon? Want to get your hands on some upcoming Bamboozle Brother games? Well you can!! Here’s a list of our games that will be at GenCon this year and a map below showing where you can find them:


Tortuga-BoxTortuga – available for purchase




Tasty Minstrel Games

ThisTown-logoThis Town Ain’t Big Enough for the 2-4 of Us – available for purchase (after that it will only be available on TMG’s website – so grab a copy now – only $5!)

  • Belfort and Belfort: The Expansion Expansion – available for purchase


Toy Vault

butwaitboxBut Wait There’s More – available for demo, Type in these codes into the Event finder on the Gen Con webpage to sign up:

  • Thursday 1pm: Game ID: BGM1462531
  • Thursday 3pm: Game ID: BGM1462534
  • Friday 1pm: Game ID: BGM1462535
  • Friday 3pm: Game ID: BGM1462532
  • Saturday 1pm: Game ID: BGM1462533
  • Saturday  9pm: Game ID: BGM1462536
  • Saturday 11pm: Game ID: BGM1462537
  • Sunday  2pm: Game ID: BGM1462538


Take some pics of our games at GenCon and send them our way! We’d can’t make it this year but would love to see our games out there being played – or even stacked up on a shelf!!

-Jay Cormier

Tortuga review by Contest Winner!

Tortuga-BoxThis is nice to read! One of the winners of the Tortuga contest that Queen ran during the Kickstarter campaign decided to write up a quick review about Tortuga. He really liked the game and had some nice things to say about it:

“There is a lot to like here.”

“Heavy, sturdy, colourful and easy to navigate components.”

“I found some nice strategy in the treasure chest movement.”

“The game’s length is perfect for what it is and it is a really fun, quick game.”

Thanks to Jacob Lee for the nice review! You can read his entire review here.

-Jay Cormier

But Wait There’s More – tracking on Kickspy!

Screenshot 2014-08-11 22.46.37Our new game, But Wait There’s More is tracking well on Kickspy…well – it’s tracking well for a party game! It’s in the top 50 games right now and climbing! We’re already 60% to our target, but we could sure use some more lovin’ – so if you haven’t checked it out yet – please do (Kickstarter link for BWTM here!) and back it or even help to spread the word a little! Party games don’t get as much attention as fantasy themed games do – but we’re really proud of this game and we think it’s worthy of existing in your game collection!

Here are a few things that people are saying about the game so far. These are comments found on the Kickstarter Comment page. If you backed the game and have some comments – please add your thoughts!

“Seriously, this is great. BWTM is in the top 3% percent of party games that perfectly mix spontaneity, interaction and laughter. Finally, I can get a copy.” – Chris Handy, designer of Cinque Terra and the upcoming line of micro games called Pack O Games (you can check out his Kickstarter here)

“I played an old prototype of this game with my family, and my aunt said this was her favourite game. “This is *fun*! Why don’t you bring more games like this?”” – Don Kirkby

“I absolutely love this game!!! We had the opportunity to play this game multiple times with Ed. This game is fun and hilarious! I am very impressed. I can’t wait to get my copies so that I can demo this game for my family and friends!!” – Samuel Stidham

“I’ve had the chance to give this a spin and I must say I’m impressed. Perfect light party game! It definitely scratches the “improv” itch that I haven’t seen in a game before.” – Eric Lalande

“Ed Bryan demoed this for a small private party. A couple of us don’t like party games but Ed managed to persuade us to try it. Got to admit that it was fun and hilarious. Great game.” -Xyetay

Great to see people already enjoying the game! You can to…if you act now! 🙂 We’re on track to hit our target, but I really think it would be awesome if we could at least get to $6000 because then we unlock the 6th player – which just makes the game more versatile. You can play up to 10 right now – but with 3-5 players you play on your own, and with 6-10 you play with a partner. With the stretch goal adding a 6th player you can play 3-6 player as individual or 7-12 players with a partner!!

Thanks in advance for your support!!