And the winner is…

Wow!  Can’t even lie – it’s a shock to both Jay and I.  We were watching the Geekies online, chatting with each other and BAM!  There it was, our game up on screen with the name right next to the word:   “Winner”

It was sad that neither Jay nor I could be there to accept.  No one from TMG was able to be in attendance either due to GenCon2014 responsibilities (Jay and I were both at #GenCant2014 instead…).  So the hosts, Greg Grunberg and Brea Grant for accepting on our behalf.  Greg’s telepathy just didn’t have the range to reach us up here in Canada.  Brea might have been able to run really fast and get some words from us, I suppose….

So what does this mean?  I dunno!  Only that this blue baby is ours for at least one year!

Thanks to everyone who’s ever played the game, reviewed it, told a friend about it, and loved it.  We make games so that other people can have fun playing them.  If not for the gaming community, we couldn’t have achieved so much!

And thanks to Daryl Andrews for the screen caps (Look out for his game “The Walled City” with co-designer Stephen Sauer to hit shelves in the near future – it’s awesome!)


~Sen-Foong Lim


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