But Wait There’s More – tracking on Kickspy!

Screenshot 2014-08-11 22.46.37Our new game, But Wait There’s More is tracking well on Kickspy…well – it’s tracking well for a party game! It’s in the top 50 games right now and climbing! We’re already 60% to our target, but we could sure use some more lovin’ – so if you haven’t checked it out yet – please do (Kickstarter link for BWTM here!) and back it or even help to spread the word a little! Party games don’t get as much attention as fantasy themed games do – but we’re really proud of this game and we think it’s worthy of existing in your game collection!

Here are a few things that people are saying about the game so far. These are comments found on the Kickstarter Comment page. If you backed the game and have some comments – please add your thoughts!

“Seriously, this is great. BWTM is in the top 3% percent of party games that perfectly mix spontaneity, interaction and laughter. Finally, I can get a copy.” – Chris Handy, designer of Cinque Terra and the upcoming line of micro games called Pack O Games (you can check out his Kickstarter here)

“I played an old prototype of this game with my family, and my aunt said this was her favourite game. “This is *fun*! Why don’t you bring more games like this?”” – Don Kirkby

“I absolutely love this game!!! We had the opportunity to play this game multiple times with Ed. This game is fun and hilarious! I am very impressed. I can’t wait to get my copies so that I can demo this game for my family and friends!!” – Samuel Stidham

“I’ve had the chance to give this a spin and I must say I’m impressed. Perfect light party game! It definitely scratches the “improv” itch that I haven’t seen in a game before.” – Eric Lalande

“Ed Bryan demoed this for a small private party. A couple of us don’t like party games but Ed managed to persuade us to try it. Got to admit that it was fun and hilarious. Great game.” -Xyetay

Great to see people already enjoying the game! You can to…if you act now! 🙂 We’re on track to hit our target, but I really think it would be awesome if we could at least get to $6000 because then we unlock the 6th player – which just makes the game more versatile. You can play up to 10 right now – but with 3-5 players you play on your own, and with 6-10 you play with a partner. With the stretch goal adding a 6th player you can play 3-6 player as individual or 7-12 players with a partner!!

Thanks in advance for your support!!



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