But Wait There’s More is Available on KickStarter – Operators are Standing By!

Our latest (and possibly greatest) party game has hit the KickStarter campaign trail.  No, it’s not like the Oregon Trail – you will not die of starvation.  What you will do (if you choose to pledge) is have a grand old time playing this game with family and friends!  But don’t take my word for it…just watch this quick video!

Just head over to the But Wait, There’s More! KickStarter page and help us bring this great game table tops the world over!  If we reach our overfunding goals, we’ll release even more cards into the wild!  There’s also options to get multiple copies for gifts and our expansion “That’s The Best Part!” that you can purchase while pledging for a nominal $5 add-on fee per copy.

If you want to try this game out with a limited card set, you can download the print-and-play files.  For those of you lucky enough to be heading to GenCon 2014 next week, hook up with our publisher, ToyVault, at the convention and play in full colour!

See if you can fit in a quick game at any of these times:

  • Thursday 1pm: Game ID: BGM1462531
  • Thursday 3pm: Game ID: BGM1462534
  • Friday 1pm: Game ID: BGM1462535
  • Friday 3pm: Game ID: BGM1462532
  • Saturday 1pm: Game ID: BGM1462533
  • Saturday  9pm: Game ID: BGM1462536
  • Saturday 11pm: Game ID: BGM1462537
  • Sunday  2pm: Game ID: BGM1462538

Well that’s it, I guess….

But wait, there’s more!  For those of you wanting to support, but unfamiliar with the setup, here’s a vid to walk you through the process.

So don’t be shy!  Just click on “Pledge” and you’ll be mere months away from having your very own copy of But Wait, There’s More!*

*batteries not included


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