But Wait, There’s More – New Art and Print and Play files!

Our new game is coming soon to Kickstarter, which will make it our fourth game to launch on Kickstarter. Our first was Belfort: The Expansion Expansion and then we followed that up with two at the same time this past February – This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the 2-4 Of Us from Tasty Minstrel Games and Tortuga from Queen Games.

butwaitboxThis new game is a party game called But Wait, There’s More! In the game players take the role of an infomercial sales person where you have to sell the other players a product using one Feature card from your hand and one Feature card drawn randomly halfway through your pitch. All the Features are common phrases and ideas that you’ve heard or seen in other infomercials. It’s definitely the funniest game we’ve ever designed!

We’ll share more about the Kickstarter campaign when it launches – possibly within a week!! In the meantime we’d like to unveil the new box art as well as the files so you can print and play the game with a portion of the cards.

If you do try it out, please let us know what you think as we’d love to have a few more quotes from gamers about their thoughts on the game for our Kickstarter campaign!

Check out the print and play files over at BGG!

-Jay Cormier

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