Tortuga Appears in The Week (and also the link to the official product webpage!)


tortuga in the weekThe cover for our latest release from Queen Games, Tortuga, was used in the week’s issue of the British magazine, The Week, as the image next to the text:

“Despite the continued popularity of video games, sales of board games in the United States rose 15 to 20 percent in each of the last three years.  And more titles may be on the way.  On the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, board game startups raised $52.1 million in 2013, compared with $45.3 million in funding for video games.  The New York Times

Tortuga enjoyed a successful Kickstarter campaign and we’re proud that our game has been linked with the resurgence of table top gaming.   Thanks to all of the people who supported the campaign and who have bought the game since.  And if you haven’t bought it yet?  Yaaar!  We’ll make you walk the plank, matey!

~ Sen-Foong Lim

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