First review of Tortuga!

Tortuga-BoxWe have our first review of Tortuga – and it’s a good one…I think! I say I think because the review is in Dutch and Google Translate makes it hard – and funny – to read! Here’s the final conclusion from Dominique and the website, which I believe is called Table Sticks:

if you want a thematic properly converted family game with pirates in the lead, are fond of dice luck and accident, your console like graced with beautiful and solid material, loves interacting with the continuous scanning of the signs of your opponent is paramount , enjoy choice stress kicks in an exciting and uncertain final scoring and not mind a quest for an extra pull bag you should not hesitate to strike.

I’ll just focus in on the last part “You should not hesitate to strike” and assume that the reviewer loved it! 🙂 You can read the whole review here.

-Jay Cormier


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