Tortuga is hot! Also – new pledge levels announced!

Screenshot 2014-02-01 00.56.15Screenshot 2014-02-01 23.03.05I was going to post that Tortuga was ranked 2nd in the hotness ranking on boardgamegeek yesterday (it’s a ranking based on how much traffic each game is getting on the site) – and then today I see that it’s climbed up to number 1! That’s great! It means a lot of people are interested and are checking out the game on BGG.

Also, some new pledge levels have popped up! The Early Bird (get the game at $39) and the Sea Dog (get the game at $41) are all sold out – but they introduced a new level – Corsair (get the game at $43) – which is still $7 less than what you’d pay retail. Aaaaand, if you buy it retail – you won’t get all the stretch goal goodies!!!

They also added their recent Kickstarter game, Fresco Big Box into some of the levels as well. So if you missed that very successful campaign, well now you can get it along with the bonus Kickstarter board!

Support Tortuga on Kickstarter!

As a bonus – check out this photo that just came in of the dice used in the game. They look pretty sweet!!


Screenshot 2014-02-01 23.08.29Also – under the hotness list for People – Sen and I are in the top 2 spots! So this once and for all proves that I am hotter than Sen! 🙂



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