Tortuga hits another Stretch Goal!

Tortuga-BoxWow – Tortuga has hit $20,000 already and it still has 2 more weeks left in the campaign. The $20,000 stretch goal was for a brand new island to play with in the game. When you start each game, you choose which island you want to play with as each island offers different play styles and motivations. These stretch goals will NOT be included in the retail box version of the game – so this is the easiest and one of the only ways to get these extra goodies!

Screenshot 2014-01-30 08.08.40Queen will be announcing the next stretch goal soon – hopefully today! While all the Early Bird deals are sold out, they did announce a new level called the Sea Dog – which is only $2 more than the Early Bird and still $9 less than full price! But they are limited too and a the time of this writing there were only 102 of those left, so if you’re interested please hurry!

If you could help by spreading the news about this really cool game by sharing with your friends and family, that would please me immensely! 🙂

-Jay Cormier


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